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The Logic of Genocide: Where Donald Trump and Batman Collide

Добавлено by Revenant В Бэтмен
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Thanks so much to all my subscribers, commenters, and Patreon supporters. Can't express how much I appreciate the support.


Alright I’m back in the Trump world. With a little twist of Batman and a heaping dose of Fear. Ah, good old fear (of genocide and political prisons). But in all seriousness, obviously there are plenty of other things I’d like to make videos about, but right now I can’t justify making videos that aren’t about the present political situation. Donald Trump and the Republican Party are a true danger to this world, so I decided this should be my next project. I threw in the comparison to Batman because a) it is actually surprisingly relevant (Christopher Nolan is not an apolitical culture figure) and b) I wanted to keep my preaching within the video essay tradition. Hopefully I’ve succeeded in entertaining people with the Batman Trump comparison while also finding some insight on this political hellworld.

And I need to say the words Trump and Batman and genocide and logic a lot of times in this description, and also Batman and Donald Trump, too.

In general, I’m actually really excited to get more political with the channel. I haven’t been super passionate about a video in a while, but with this one I churned it out faster than ever. If you know my channel well, you’ll know that the last video is the only one I didn’t edit (animated, etc), but for this one I was excited to exercise my skills again. And as a broader point, I’d like to note that Youtube is a surprisingly right-leaning platform, at least in terms of extremist thought. Sure, much of the mainstream center-left (often center-right) media outlets like Vox could be considered part of a YouTube left, but I don’t personally see it that way. With the rise of shows like Chapo Trap House, the podcast left is alive and well. I’d love to start seeing a similar lean for YouTube.

As always, the best way to help with the channel (if you’re interested) is to Like, Subscribe, Comment, Share with Friends, Post on Facebook, Tweet, and Reddit. Especially sharing on fb and twitter and reddit. I really appreciate all the help and support I’ve gotten so far.

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