I Mapped the Entire Shrek Movie (Beat Saber Custom Songs)
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I Mapped the Entire Shrek Movie (Beat Saber Custom Songs)

Добавлено by Revenant В Шрек
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The most ambitious beatmap in history.
Download here: https://bsaber.com/downloadshreksaber/

Voiceover by Kami Gladich

After many an hour, the map is finally complete.

Many of you know me as, that minigame mapper guy, that really nice guy on discord that says stupid garbo. But I bet none of you expected me to be an Ogre. I am an Ogre. I identify as an Ogre.

A HUGE thank you to ALL of those that help made this possible! From the entire community, to the staff, to the streamers, to LeBandit, Cr1tikal himself, Elliotate, my friends, everybody.

Thank you! Shrek has been a huge part of so many of our childhoods. Any excuse to relive such a fantastic piece of entertainment is an excuse I swear by.

Bust out your DVD copy of Shrek like the good old times, and watch it side by side this video. Invite people, be entertained!

Thank you for watching, thank you infinitely for finding entertainment in this!


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